7 Homes Whose Halloween Decorations Are Impressively Over-the-Top

October 16, 2019

By Natalie Way If there’s any time of the year to go all-out with your home decorations, it’s Halloween. It’s socially acceptable—even celebrated—to adorn your front yard with giant spiderwebs, fake tombstones, and carved pumpkins. But some homeowners like to push the envelope and take their love of Halloween-themed decorations to jaw-dropping, spine-tingling, and sometimes theatrical […]


Can Halloween Help You Sell Your House? 3 Spooky Sales Tricks to Try Right Now

October 9, 2019

By Jeanne Sager   Halloween isn’t just an opportunity to gorge on all things frightful or filled with sugar. It’s also a chance for home sellers to scare up a buyer! Because these days, home sellers need as much marketing creativity as they can muster up. Now that the summer home-selling fever has died down, people are beginning to […]


How to Sell a Haunted House

October 2, 2019

And you think you’ve been having a tough time selling your home … By: Geoff Williams Related To: Real EstateHalloween Some houses give off a weird vibe. Scott Fladhammer, a real estate agent in Fort Wayne, Ind., was asked by a snowbird to sell her furnished but otherwise empty house. That in itself wasn’t odd, but […]


Rehabbing Houses On A Budget: 9 Step Guide

September 25, 2019

 BY PAUL ESAJIAN | @PAUL_ESAJIAN Key Takeaways Rehabbing in real estate is the restoration and the improvement of a property. Learn how to rehab a house in nine simple steps, even if you’re on a budget. Pick up tips on how to successfully rehab a house from start to finish. One of the more costly projects a real […]


Six House Flipping Tips

September 18, 2019

Brandon Turner You might call it obsessive, but I listen to Pandora Radio for at least ten hours a day.In case you are unaware of this amazing piece of technology, Pandora is an online radio program which plays only music that is similar to songs you already love. For example, if I only wanted to […]


Rehabbing a Home? Be Ready for These 5 Costs

September 11, 2019

BY CHRISTINA EL MOUSSA ON 7 JUL 2017 COLUMN Start your flip off on the right financial foot — with a little planning and the right team, you’ll keep your budget in the black. So you want to calculate the price tag on a house rehab, but you have no construction background. How do you go about it? Understandably, […]


Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall or Winter

September 4, 2019

Rebecca Lake SEP 05, 2016 Spring is typically considered to be the busiest season in the real estate market. But according to a recent report, homes listed for sale in the fall are more likely to sell within six months than those listed in the spring and in the summer. What’s more, compared to homes listed in other […]


20 Hilariously Terrible Real Estate Photos

August 28, 2019

20 Hilariously Terrible Real Estate Photos  Via In 2013, Scotland resident Andy Donaldson was house hunting when he noticed a strange trend among the real estate listings he was perusing. Simply put, many of the listings he came across contained photographs so appalling that he could not help but see their comedic value. So […]


Say What? Home-Buying Lingo You Should Know

August 21, 2019

Need a crash course on real estate terms? This glossary will get you started. DTI, PMI, LTV … TBH, it can be hard to keep all this stuff straight. This lexicon of real estate terms and acronyms will help you speak the language like a pro. Appraisal management company (AMC): An institution operated independently of […]



August 7, 2019

DBABBAGE | FEBRUARY 11, 2019 | 0 | BOOST YOUR NET WORTH This year is a great time to list your house for sale. In fact, now might be a better time to sell your house than the upcoming years. But should you sell your house for cash? That depends on a number of things. In this guide, we’ll tell you eight things […]